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About Us

Web Designing UK is a professional website design and development service consultant in London, UK. We have experienced human resource with abilities to create bespoke website designs for you in the UK and abroad which reflects an exclusive character of your business. We are a group of innovative personnel who not only help you make an effective online presence, but set new standards of quality in professional and corporate web designing services beyond client expectations.

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Our Mission

Our Mission : Our mission at Web Designing UK is to make easier our clients to come out of the crowd of market and stand out with an efficient online web presence which keeps them upfront when their customers search them. At the end of the day, our aim is to really help our clients in generating more business through the web and make more money through internet.

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Our Team

Our Team : At Web Designing UK, we are having a team of creative and innovative web designers who give the exact professional look to your online presence. There are skilled and experienced web developers who are adhere to make your web presence so user friendly and in the way that your direct message reaches your customers. Our Search Engine Optimization experts and web promoters help you get your website at the top of search engine results page where your clients are searching for you and this way making your presence at the top of your market. All of us work as a team for you to deliver our outstanding services together with best quality, latest technology, and desired timeline

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Our Methodology

Our Methodology : Our methodology totally depends on the aim that we need to build long term relationships with our clients. At Web Designing UK, we are having an experienced staff of representatives who understand your requirements carefully, communicate with your throughout the development of your project, and deliver you something more advanced that what you have thought. Our major of the work process is followed by three steps:

Getting and understanding the client requirements, whether it can be through mail communication or a phone call. Analysing client's needs i.e. keeping in mind the client's field of activity, analysing the current market and business strategy, and suggest what we can do more for their online promotion.

Create archetype designs, applying latest technology with efficient quality and implementation with creative skills to deliver great outputs.

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Why Web Designing UK

In our web development services, we use a distinct method and grant you definite solutions. Our representatives understand your requirements, and our designing experts shape your requirements to a web design. Our aim goes here just that everything should must be done go on as per client requirement, creating a descent, neat, and professional website design.

Below are some major advantages that you get in while we host you:

  • A team of creative web designer and business minded web developers working for you
  • Best and world class efficient web services at very affordable prices
  • Building a corporate image giving your business a unique identity on the internet
  • Increase your sales by building a powerful and strong online presence
  • Web content flexibility & Easy to use Content Management System
  • Committed to deliver excellence
  • 24 � 7 client support

Feel free to know more about our web services either mail us or you can give a call, and one of your representatives will let you know how we can be helpful in making your business brand and promoting it online, where your business achieves new heights of success.

88% Complete (danger) Design: 88%
79% Complete (danger) SEO: 79%
94% Complete (danger) Javascript: 94%
74% Complete (danger) Wordpress: 74%
54% Complete (danger) Android: 54%

Our Services

Website Designing

We are one of the leading web designing agencies in the UK offering best quality in our services and fulfilling each individual's online marketing requirements making their websites user-friendly and with search engine friendly design.

SEO Services

Web Designing UK offers Search Engine Optimization services in London, UK and abroad as well to get your website top at the Search Engine Results Page at your desired Keywords. We have a team of skilled SEO Experts for you.

Responsive Webdesign

Responsive web design is a web design methodology aimed at crafting websites to provide an optimal viewing experience so that a user can read, navigate, pane and scroll across the different screen sizes like Desktop,

Android Development

By providing an open development platform, Android offers developers the ability to build extremely rich and innovative applications

Web Re-Designing

We are one of the leading web designing agencies in the UK offering best quality in our services and fulfilling each individual's online marketing requirements making their websites user-friendly and with search engine friendly design.

Internet Marketing

There are a number of terms specific to online marketing and – more generally, the internet – that are helpful to know whether you’re a search engine marketer or just need to speak with one. The following are a sampling of these internet marketing terms.

B2B & B2C Services

B2B companies Often, B2B content is written to represent the company. Swell. Except your audience is most likely your customer base and prospects. To that end, write your posts with your customer’s usage in mind. Think about what they will want to know.

Content Wirtting

At Webdesigninguk, web content writing moves beyond simply populating your website with content. With us, it is about populating your website with relevant, informative, engaging and action-oriented content.




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Our Process

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Our Articles

Effective Web Designing in UK at Affordable Rates

There are many designing firms in UK providing the best web designing solutions and claim to make you at top. But some of them will provide some unique benefits and offerings which will improve your website visibility in search engines. They can make your website a great marketing tool to provide you higher ROI. Their team of expert designers makes website design keeping in mind search engine optimization procedures. Web designers necessarily start by gathering the data for the website based on a strategy. Most of the website designing is done after the content is finalized. The content writers and website owners team up to give the right mix of flair and depth. To reach the global market, every website needs a perfect design. The website of a company should be able to tell the world what exactly the products and services are about. Therefore to attract the targeted customers it should be designed with utmost perfection.

Website Navigation

Website navigation structure must be unique and should contain relevant linking during designing procedure, a good navigation structure also plays a most important role during search engine ranking or we can say that during search engine marketing so we must to consider all page navigation structure during design a website. Website navigation also helps website visitors or users finding them the most appropriate matter or services. With good navigation structure, a user can visit the website comfortably in minimum time also. There are mainly two type of navigation structure for a website that is left navigation and right navigation, left navigation is most important part of a web designing it will look by all users during browsing a website.

Images and Fonts

For a user friendly website, there should be proper fonts of content as well as the images on web pages should be in proper size. Attractive and colorful images draw the attention of visitors to your site. They can spend more time on the site, if the images are juicy. Remember that each reader has different browsers so layouts come out in different ways from each and every browser. But obviously it depends if it was verified and written well to reach the layout goal. Web designing is an effective and smart approach to market and promote your business. Today many indigenous companies are working and giving better results than the overseas companies give.

Affordable Web Design in London

Nowadays, we do lots of tasks online like bank transactions, bill payments, shopping, booking tickets etc. Doing these all activities in a few seconds has made our life easy and this is the reason why the Internet has become so popular. When the use of internet is so much growing and its need is too much high every business is thinking of internet marketing and doing online business.

Internet users are growing at a tremendous pace and millions of websites are added to it every year. Many business organizations, big and small, have hosted their websites on the net. The website reflects the organization and its business. An attractive website catches the attention of the potential customer and engages him or her for longer duration of time. It's true that a well designed and good looking website attracts millions of user every month. A user spends much more time on these websites as compared to normal websites. To make an attractive website you need to hire a professional web design and development company London. For global business it is necessary to have a website which can express your business and products to your visitors. Some of small firms avoid it due to big amount. For those firms, Web Designing UK offers affordable web design services in which they provide them cheap and best web design services in their budget.

Web Design Company

Professional Web Design Company is a one, which gives professional services in website design, logo design, apart from designing the concepts for appealing websites. However, it becomes very hard to find a professional website design company from the crowd! A professional web development company has at its disposal expert web developers, latest web development tools and technology. The web development team follows the standard methodologies and ensures that the website is designed and developed according to the needs of the customer.

Web Development Company

Web Development Company is a congregation of professionals with skills in the various techniques and technologies related to website design and development. But two main things should be remembered while hiring a website development company for your web development project. Engaging the services of a web development company has become the need of the hour for many organizations as they plan ways to expand their online presence. Web development has come of age and has now transformed into a fully grown industry offering impactful solutions to their customers.

As a web designing company UK, they provide web design services, web development services, content writing, SEO & SEM services, portal development and internet marketing. They are leading web Design and website Development Company of UK.

Web economy in G20

By: Tim Weber Business editor
Source: BBC News website
The value of the web economy in G20 countries will nearly double by 2016, according to Boston Consulting Group.

Driving the spurt from $2.3tn (�1.5tn) to $4.2tn (�2.7tn) will be the rapid rise of mobile internet access.

The study, supported by web giant Google, assumes that in four years 3bn people will be using the internet, or nearly 50% of the world's population.

The research suggests that the UK is one of the most advanced e-commerce economies.

Right now, every year about 200 million people are going online for the very first time.

However, traditional internet access via a copper wire and a desktop PC will fade into the background.

The rapid fall in the cost of smartphones - with cheap versions now costing about $100 - means that by 2016 about 80% of all internet users will access the web using a mobile phone.

The research does not even account for web access using so-called feature phones.

The 'new' internet

These numbers look impressive, but they are still just a fraction of the global economy.

In 2010, the internet economy in the G20 group of leading nations was worth $2.3tn - larger than the economies of Italy or Brazil, but a mere 4.1% of the total size of all G20 economies.

The Boston Consulting Group researchers speak of the emergence of a "new internet" where:

web access will not be a luxury any more
the majority of web users will live in emerging markets (within four years, China is expected to be
home to 800 million people using the internet; that is more than the United States, India, France,
Germany and the UK taken together)
about 80% of all internet users will access the web from a mobile
the internet will go social, and allow customers and companies to engage with each other

This trend will be coupled with another huge technology shift that will fundamentally change the nature of how to run a business - the rise of the so-called "internet of things", where all kinds of devices from sensors to cars to radiators will be connected to the web.

Technology giant IBM estimates that by 2015, one trillion devices will be internet-connected.

Online is also reaching into the offline world. The BCG researchers say that every household already researches about $3,000 worth of goods online before buying them in traditional stores.

Digital, the researchers say, cannot be an add-on. Businesses have to adapt their people, processes and structures for the digital economy.

Paul Zwillenberg of BCG says that entrepreneurs building a digital business are outperforming rivals who do not embrace the web economy.

However, what the research fails to capture is the balance of employment between new, more efficient digital companies and old-style businesses.

The winners

Google, who supported the research, is obviously one of the companies set to gain most from the rapid growth of the internet.

"Understanding the economic potential of the web should be an urgent priority for leaders... [with] a powerful case for countries and companies to get online and reap the rewards of an age of data," Patrick Pichette, Google's chief financial officer, says.

However, the report suggests that Google will not be the only winner.

The researchers identify several "internet ecosystems" that will try to tie users in to their customised part of the internet, among them Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Baidu and Tencent in China and Yandex in Russia.

What is digital?

A problem with BCG's research is obviously that it is difficult to define what is actually part of the digital economy.

"During the research we discovered very quickly that there is no approved way of measuring the internet economy," says David Dean, a managing director at BCG.

Official statistics simply do not capture the sideways move of old technologies into the digital world, for example when a widget maker starts upgrading its devices so that they can be hooked up to the internet.

But if the report's predictions are correct, then speaking of a "web economy" will soon sound about as comical as speaking of an "electricity economy".

David Dean believes that the G20 countries could reach this moment as early as 2020.

Know basics of websites before designing

Present is the age of internet and without having an online identity no organization or firm is complete. Not only to create online identity but to give a real boost to your business it is essential to have an online presence. Getting established successfully on World Wide Web one must have an eye catching and customer friendly website.

There are important facts one must know before creating a successful website. A website is collection of web pages, texts, images and graphics through which individuals or organizations display their work, products or service. There are different kinds of websites like static website, dynamic website, CMS website, e-commerce website, B2B and B2C portals. These websites fulfill different needs and serve different purposes. One must design website according to his particular needs.

Static websites are best for small business needs or for individuals who need small website to create a web presence and sell their limited products and services. Web design companies create such websites to make them informative, eye-catching and easy to navigate and post them on internet using clients' data. Dynamic websites are perfect for those firms that need to update content on their websites at frequent interval. The dynamic website is programmed to make it interactive based on the input given from both client/customer side and website owner/service provider side.

Content Management System or CMS website is essential when sharing and managing a huge data is required for better coordination among employees and also for intimating customers of the latest products and services. CMS helps website owners in updating, adding or deleting their products or services. E-commerce websites are necessary for those who want to sell their products and services online. Web design agencies develop shopping cart software, customer application development, payment gateway integration etc.

Content Management System or CMS website is essential when sharing and managing a huge data is required for better coordination among employees and also for intimating customers of the latest products and services. CMS helps website owners in updating, adding or deleting their products or services. E-commerce websites are necessary for those who want to sell their products and services online. Web design agencies develop shopping cart software, customer application development, payment gateway integration etc.

Business-to-Business (B2B) portals are developed for large scale online business such as online marketing between raw materials providers and manufacturers or between manufacturers and wholesalers or between wholesalers and retailers. Business-to-consumer (B2C) portals are developed for business transactions between manufacturers and consumers or between service providers and consumers.

The above mentioned facts about different websites can help you know which kind of website suits your particular needs. Web design firms provide different solutions to your website needs but you must know the basics so that you cannot get cheated by anyone on development and monetary front.


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